Sky VBS Mission Project

30 Jun

Looking for a mission project for your
VBS? Sky has a great project called Operation kid to kid. check out more information about it here.


Favorite Sky VBS Stuff » Memory Buddies

23 May

Don’t Forget These Guys!
These five fun flying friends are a student favorite every year.  Think they are a great keepsake for kids and reinforce the 5 daily lessons and memory verse for the week. You can order them here if interested.


Sky VBS Decorations

13 Apr

Sky VBS has some awesome decorations for this year. Turn your rooms, stage, church, or wherever you are having VBS into a Sky themed place. In particular the backdrops, wall murals, posters and displays are quick, easy, and inexpensive ways to get the job done. Get these decorations up early to help promote the VBS and build excitement within the  church. The earlier the better.

We particularly like the Sky Wall Hanging Background (it’s big!). Use with these cool cloud cut-outs as accessories.

View all of Sky VBS Decorations (here).

Share some of your ideas for Sky with us. Which decorating item do you think is really fun


Sky VBS Music

14 Feb
Music Samples

Listen Here

Music, tunes, jams…whatever you call it we have it when it comes to Sky VBS.

Music Samples are available on our website and you can listen here as well.


Sky Music CD

Sky has a few original songs mixed with some mainstream contemporary christian songs. The VBS theme song is sure to get you and your kids pumped up for every opening and closing session. But don’t take my word for it. Check out the Sky VBS Music for yourself.

Order the Sky Music CD’s and DVD’s here

VOTE  on Your Favorite Song Here

Sky VBS Starter Kits

1 Dec

Sky VBS Ultimate Starter Kit

The Sky VBS Ultimate Starter Kit is on it’s way! They will be shipping out within a week.

We think Group does a great job of including the most important things you need to get the ball rolling in what they call their “Ultimate Starter Kit”. We also think VBS Starter Kits are essential to preview and start your planning for VBS. It really is a great value. You will be amazed at what they can pack in this can.

Here is a quick overview of the things Group includes in the Sky VBS Ultimate Starter Kit:

  • Ultimate Director Go-To Guide – You’ll find resources that help guide you through the planning, volunteer recruiting and registration processes—and much more!
  • Station Leader Manuals – guide your volunteers through the step-by-step process of preparing for this sky-high adventure—and leading kids through their daily experiences. From music and games, to treats and missions, as well as Preschool-age activities, these manuals train volunteers in everything they need to know.
  • Training – Helpful DVD’s and CD’s –  feature training resources, Clip Art and marketing tools that make it easy to inspire and educate your church body.
  • Decorating Places DVD – gives you detailed instructions to create your sky setting—and the 
  • Music – Sing and Play CD’s – will have your kids laughing and singing all week long.
  • Student resources including Bible Memory Buddies, iOpeners and Watch for God Wristbands.

Learn More about the Sky VBS Starter Kit here.

If you are looking to purchase a kit be sure to check out

Concordia Supply is offering Free Shipping, 100% Returns, Delayed Payment options and a Best Price Guarantee on Group Starter Kits.

Wait… What Are God Sightings?

15 Sep

Here’s the Bible verse which I think sums up God Sightings.

Seek first his kingdom and righteousness” Matthew 6:33

The idea is that every day during VBS there time is set apart for the kids and teachers to discuss in what ways  they have seen God in action that day. I think this is a wonderful way to get the kids to actively seek God’s kingdom throughout the entire week, and especially during their time at home or away from the VBS. To help visualize the sightings for the entire VBS, for every God Sighting a child or teacher shares with their group, they get to add a cotton ball to the God Sightings poster. Then with enough God Sightings during the week, towards the end of the week the poster will spell out “God Sightings” in cotton balls.

I think this will be a great exercise for the children, and probably even the teachers involved as well. Many children may only know the God of the Bible, but not the God who is present in our everyday lives. And along with that, the kids will obviously love their watch for God wristbands. If I’ve only learned one thing over my years of mission work (and I hope it’s more than just one), it is that kids love wristbands. Sounds simple, but simple work.

So how have you seen God in action recently?

Sky VBS Preview and Thoughts

7 Sep
Click For Starter Kit Info

Click for Starter Kit Info

This post is for all the early Vacation Bible School planners looking for some thoughts on Group’s newest VBS curriculum for 2012, since it’s never to early to start thinking ahead. If you were able to find this blog then you probably already know the new theme title “Sky VBS.” The main theme for the entire VBS is taken from Mark 10:27, which says “Everything is possible with God.” It will focus on different ways that we need to trust and depend on God in all aspects of our lives. The five key Bible points can be found in the Learn About Sky VBS tab.

The most significant change to this year’s program seems to be their new model to replace crafts called Imagination Station, which Group’s site describes as “Kids launch, fly, dip, and discover as they use Sciency-Fun Gizmos to discover the Bible Point in crazy ways!” This looks like it has a ton of potential, and I could see a lot of other programs adopting a similar idea if it lives up to their hype. Let everyone know your initial thoughts in the comments and check back soon for frequent posts and discussions all about Sky VBS.


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